Politics & government

Public interest advocacy We help governments engage constituencies in a planned and sustainable manner

Governments today need to consistently and continually engage with each other, communicate and engage with citizens in order to draw their attention to the initiatives taken for their well-being and prosperity. Integrating economic and social development with good governance is the key to a government that is viewed as “the people, the people and for the people”.

Our specializations include:

a. Public approval tracking

We use sophisticated research tools and methods to ensure that you always have a finger on the pulse of the electorate. We will not only help you determine the effectiveness of your governance and development agenda, but also improve the form of the program and policy based on feedback from voters.

b. State / Scheme funding

In this competitive world, we struggle not only for attention, but also for capital and resources. Good governance and infrastructure are fundamental to your acceptance among citizens, you must also gloss over the good work you do. Our integrated and comprehensive public advertising campaigns ensure that you reach the audience and get the best return on your investment.

c. Public service campaigns

Whether it’s to convince people of the need to privatize power distribution, or “save the girl child” or “save the tiger,” we partner with you and your stakeholders to develop programs that are comprehensive, sensible, and inclusive the recipients are aligned. We extend through our exclusive affiliate network across 60 cities and towns in India to provide you with the best return on investment in your public advertising campaigns.