integrity and political motivation!

This is in no way an insult to company politicians, but politics does not reflect the integrity of the individual.

The main purpose of politics is to get a result. In some cases, management cannot tell the whole truth and could use “plausible denial” to avoid judgment. However, when an untruth is used, it is primarily a task to be accomplished. In this way, managers cannot “tell” you directly what needs to be achieved, but create a gap or an imbalance that forces the need for change and action. The end result is a desired result.

Keep in mind that one of the main goals is to delegate responsibility to subordinates. If a manager has to constantly tell you what to do and how to work, he could very well do the job himself. This contradicts the entire purpose of your position and that of the manager and disrupts the desired result. However, if they create an imbalance in front of you, then you have to solve the situation creatively, define a path and achieve a sustainable result to achieve a balance.

The Thin Line

While I say that today’s ideals of integrity do not apply to corporate policy, there are indeed some cases where individuals abuse their political power. As such, ethics and morals begin to count. Not only do they, as workers, need to understand the reasons and uses of politics, but those who wield the political sword must understand how to properly exercise their power without crossing the border.

The only problem that arises in this situation is the ability to distinguish the difference between “a lie” and a “political detour”. Indeed, if you look at it in a simplified way, it is a difficult task. But until one person has some experience with corporate cultures, my standard answer is: “If you are in the corporate environment, it will be a political detour”. You can’t take things personally in the corporate environment, because it’s not about the individual; it’s about results — simple and easy.

However, the political world can cross the line through the power-hungry or untrained corporate politician. One way to judge such an action is based on your personal lines. If a situation actually appears to deliberately go into your personal life, then you have to make a judgment. Such situations can arise when your employees are able to create conflicts in your personal life.

The most important lesson to learn is that you should never give access to your personal world in the corporate world. For a congenial interaction, it is accepted that you provide some basic information about your personal life. However, keep it simple and do not provide information that could cause problems for others. It is important to keep a distance between the realities in your “personal world” and the realities in your “corporate world”.

How many of me are there?

In fact, this whole scenario can make life difficult with the idea of ??getting two different “selves”. However, in order to successfully reconcile your world with your corporate world, it is best to consider your corporate world as an “underworld” of your entire life. In all cases, all human interaction is grouped under one world, with a multitude of underworlds and environments. You have your corporate world, your “buddy” world, your hobby world and your family world as examples. In fact, you will experience different rules and expectations (i.e. politics) in everyone. So if you learn the rules of the corporate underworld as you have it in your other worlds, you can easily integrate and manage politics to both

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