Politics and the Internet

According to a recent ComputerWorld survey, around forty percent of the population believe that people can increase their political power by going online. Therefore, many academics believe that people in western societies are better educated technologically to gain more influence in the political sector.

Mr. Cole agreed that the Internet plays a central role in creating a fairer society that promotes participatory development. He argues that because the younger generation is able to communicate effectively through internet forums, they are more willing to express their political opinions online. The younger generation also has the opportunity to have academic discussions with older people who have more experience, such as: B. University lecturers, or people who specialize in the area of ??discussion. Therefore, the Internet has clearly demonstrated its use in relation to the education of the younger generation for the future. However, the positive benefits that can be gained from using the Internet are not only aimed at young citizens, but also affect those who are gainfully employed and want to learn more about their country’s political system.

Effects of the Internet on politics

Research has shown that many Americans “surf” the Internet before a general election to broaden their knowledge of political parties and politics. (ComputerWorld, 2005: 1). For example, the success of the election of former Vermont governor Howard Dean was largely due to the Internet, where online fundraising and lobbying were used to ensure that people were adequately informed about the policies of the parties.

The Internet in Politics

Therefore, due to the power of the Internet, although many would argue that a person needs a certain level of knowledge and expertise before they are able to effectively master the Internet and its search engines, these people also agree that New software and computer technicians are slowly changing technological discourse to accommodate people who are not technically inclined. While it is generally accepted that cyberspace and the purpose of using the Internet are constantly adapting to the needs of today’s society, gathering information about political parties and their policies remains a top priority. for internet users, especially for those living in western society.

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