Should Students Enter Indian Politics?

For all young people who have no political background, student organizations, unions and college-level politics are the gates to enter the real political world.

The political stage in our country is fraught with many complicated questions. Corruption, bureaucracy, violence and a lack of empathy with the masses at the base are some of the outstanding features. Crossing the ground and switching loyalties are the order of the day.

Add a new dimension to the game of political students, and we have a new mix of a dangerous political era that could affect our political and economic lives for a long time.

Youth in Politics

Politics in the college has become a hotbed of political manipulation at regional and national levels. Elections in college and university student unions are indeed proxy wars for major political parties. Money, hooliganism, violence, and bizarre promotions in student council elections are some of the hallmarks of college and university elections. Educational plans are backing out and the struggle for power is becoming ugly in many cases.

Why do students take politics? For example, why should there be elections in an engineering school whose students are unlikely to join a political party? The students of art and politics should be interested in this profession. But wasting time and energy is an important issue. This waste leads students to poorly planned careers because of their poor academic performance.

However, only some of the students later enter active politics. The politicians milk them during their college days and leave them without a career when they join a political party. After all, a social worker in a political party remains a social worker. However, he has no support from his party to build his future or to meet his basic needs. He has to take a job or a vocation to survive.

When elected in college and university elections, student leaders take their commands off their political bigwigs. Boys and girls who are unable to get a decent job are appointed vice president, president and secretary of a student union. They do not know what they are saying to the students, because their words are the boiled up words of the politician who leads them. Their actions are governed by instructions from the offices of the major political parties.

It is ironic that a student who takes the bus to his college can arrange enough donations through his efforts for posters, speakers, campaigns, and other advertising gags. In addition, the leader of the students always has one or the other difference.

Should students take part in politics

Elections primarily bring criminals, hooligans and opportunists to the forefront of temples. Cases of beatings, murders, destruction of buses and private property, and kidnapping of rival candidates are common.

Academic meetings do not take place regularly. Even when classes are held, the powerful student leaders force students, college, or university to close for the sake of trifle. The students who are interested in studying suffer the most. They are not interested in political affiliations, but are forced to choose and support a certain group of candidates. Academic and athletic performance are also affected.

The state should provide the solution in the form of legislation. Active politics is not bad for college students, but it should only assume dangerous proportions. Only those students who are interested in a career in politics should participate in political activities. The rest have to give way to politics. The assumption of violence, monetary strength, threats (physical and intellectual) and external political influences must be prohibited. Only then would the campus life be more productive for the students.

The political parties do not have to interfere in the educational institutions. Appropriate legislation must be passed to separate politics and educational institutions.

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