Subliminal messages, politics and advertising

According to a recent scientific study, people unconsciously register images, even if they cannot see them consciously! These were the results of University College London when …

According to a recent scientific study, people unconsciously register images, even if they cannot see them consciously! That was the result of University College London examining the power of subliminal messages!

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University College London scientists have shown that subtle messages that are hidden can affect the brain and its attention while a person is completely unaware that visual images are present!

The researchers, led by Bahador Bahrami, discovered that a subject’s brain was able to register images that were weak or blinking at high speed when they were in their visual line of sight, even if the subject insisted on seeing nothing to have, ie subliminal. News.

Although current psychological assumptions work on the belief that what we pay attention to and what we know are the same, this study shows differently. Bahrami and his team have shown that we do not have to be aware of the subliminal messages in order for them to influence the brain. Brain attention is used, although the participant does not know that the subliminal messages are displayed!

These findings can support the idea that subliminal messages in advertising attract our attention!

It could also be responsible for the phenomenon of being in a crowded room with lots of conversations going on and suddenly realizing that someone is mentioning your name all over the room!

The university’s studies centered around experiments using volunteers with special glasses. One lens was red while the other lens was colored blue.

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One eye of the glasses projected flashing blue light, while the other eye showed weak or rapidly flashing images.

The volunteers were asked to perform psychological tasks that varied in difficulty while being shown the two sets of pictures through their glasses. In the meantime, the participant’s brain was monitored and activity in the visual cortex was examined.

Subliminal messages work in the same way, which the test subjects in the scientific experiment registered the pictures, but were not aware of having seen anything! It was found that the effect was more pronounced when the participants had easier tasks to perform.

This supports the experimenter’s view that some attention is required to register subliminal messages. When a person is fully engaged in another activity, the subliminal messages cannot get through the brain.

However, free articles, when we look at subliminal advertising, we see that it doesn’t require a lot of focus and our attention is usually on the advertisements that would mean that the subliminal news would get through easily!

It would be the same if we had subliminal messages on our computer or TV screen!

When James Vicary first experimented with subliminal messages in 1958, he caused great controversy that continues to this day. Many experts disagree about the effectiveness of subliminal messads with their main argument that these messages could not even be percieved by the brain. This latest study proves they are!

Although scientists at University College London don’t say that these subliminal messages affect us effectively, they admit that they are registered by the brain even though we don’t know them.

I think it is only a matter of time before we determine its effectiveness in influencing it.

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