The policy of torture

When the now infamous photos of Iraqi prisoners sexually humiliated by the U.S. military police were released, the response was almost unanimous: disgust and outrage that the U.S. military was abusing prisoners in the same prison, Saddam Hussein. torture iraqi. President George W. Bush, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and other Bush administration officials quickly condemned the photos, with Bush promising to investigate.

The Strategic Costs of Torture

Curiously, right-wing experts took the photographs differently. Rush Limbaugh said the abuse was nothing more than the troops “blowing off some steam”. Limbaugh also compared the abuse to fraternal Hazing rituals and eventually blamed Bill Clinton for the whole abuse scandal. On May 14, Limbaugh said, “While all of this is happening, the Democrats are asserting that this is a chain of command and they are trying to link this up to Bush, which is based on Bush’s example, this is because Bush is not take care of it because Bush doesn’t care about it, it happens because Bush has no discipline because it comes from above. I would believe that if Bill Clinton were still in office, if Bill Clinton were still in office , I could accept the idea that this could come from above, and in fact, depending on the age of these soldiers over there, they could actually be. How many stories have we had recently, oral sex is a great way to Stopping Pregnancy? This oral sex is a great way to have safe sex, just had one this week. Who made oral sex popular for the nation? And who became royal every day defended for? Bill Clinton. And who defended him? The Democrats who now find all kinds of atrocities in these photos from Abu Ghraib prison. ”

Brilliant! The real reason the prisoners were abused had nothing to do with a breakdown in the chain of command. It was because of Bill Clinton’s sexual activity!

Other conservatives pointed out that the Iraqi prisoners in Abu Ghraib were not “boy scouts” and apparently deserved to be sexually humiliated.

As the conservative stance on the Abu Ghraib abuse scandal moved away from reality, some began to see that their audiences disagreed with their positions, which were quite far from the reaction of most Americans. I think conservative experts need to protect George W. Bush. They know deeply that Dubya is not the greatest president in the world, but being a Republican, they will do everything in their power to divert the attention of Bush and his government.

Preventing Torture

I don’t know if these conservatives prayed or rubbed the foot of a lucky rabbit, but it seems they got their wish on May 11th when the horrible footage of Nick Berg’s murder was released to the world. Since most conservatives are intellectually dishonest, they needed something to get their audience’s attention from the Abu Ghraib photographs. Conservatives like Michael Reagan condemned the Democrats for “politicizing” the Abu Ghraib photos. Only now have conservatives politicized the Nick Berg photographs, as a counterpoint to the events in Abu Ghraib.

In fact, people like Sean Hannity could now compare what happened in Abu Ghraib with what Nick Berg contested.

On May 12, Hannity made the case: “We learned the difference between ill-treatment that is wrong and atrocities. Guest Oliver North did his best to minimize what had happened in Abu Ghraib: “… For 13 or 14 days, everything we’ve seen on the front pages of American newspapers has been a group of apparently twisted young people Linen and weird sex files, the kind of thing that could be found on any college campus these days, is done by people in uniform. ”

Obviously there is a difference in volunteering for a Hazing ritual and being forced to participate. I think North hopes the audience won’t pay attention. And yes, what happened to Nick Berg was terrible, but his death should not be used as a way to minimize the abuse in Abu Ghraib or to release him as a lot of ado about nothing…

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